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Enter the keyword vlcr followed by ...

- play or pause to toggle between playback and pause

- stop to exit out of playback and show the playlist

- next to go to the next chapter or file

- prev or previous to go to the previous chapter or file

- fullscreen to toggle between fullscreen and windowed

- downloads to load all content of your user's Downloads folder into VLC's playlist

- volup to increase the volume by one increment (of 32)

- voldown to decrease the volume by one increment (of 32)

- volmax to put VLC's volume at its maximum level (use with care)

- mute to toggle mute

- delayup to increase audio delay by 50ms

- delaydown to decrease audio delay by 50ms

- subs to toggle through the available subtitles

- quit to quit VLC


Download: https://github.com/geberl/alfred-vlc-remote

Packal: TBA



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