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Workflow for using Scanners?

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I'm wondering it it is possible to create a workflow that will tell the scanner to scan. For example if you type: scan bw test.pdf, the computer knows that it should scan and it should also use the profile bw (which contains settings for the scan, f.e. black and white, resolution, etc.). At last there ist "test.pdf" which should the filename.


Back to my question. Do you guys know how you can call the scanner through AppleScript? I only found one expensive App which could do it. But in my opinion there must be a way to handle this.


Thanks in advance!

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I got ExactScan b/c there was no native Mac driver for my scanner, & ExactScan supports it.  It also lets you scan via AppleScript, with lots of customization options.  Not cheap but may be worth it depending on your needs (it was cheaper than buying a new scanner, which sealed the deal for me).



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