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How to open multiple windows and merge them into one window in finder

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Hi everyone, 


Based on my day to day workflow, I'll need to open multiples files from different location like Dropbox, Google drive, local folder, links at the same time. Been doing this repeatedly and I thought workflow might be able to fasten the process.


I manage to open all the files that I need (which is great✨) but now what's missing is that I can't seem to merge them directly from workflow, I have to go window > merge all window. (which I have created a shortcut for it)


Anyone knows how to do it?

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There you go. It requires a single line of AppleScript:

tell application "System Events" to click menu item "Merge All Windows" of menu "Window" of menu bar item "Window" of menu bar 1 of application process "Finder" of application "System Events"

It has to be done with GUI scripting, since it seems like Finder doesn’t have a proper AppleScript command for this.

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@vitor Hey, I was using this and somehow lost the Workflow. I came back to redownload it but am getting a 404 on your link. I tried Packal without luck. Is there an updated link to the workflow? Or do I just copy that line and run it as a script with a keyword? Thank you!

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