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Alfred hangs for a few seconds when hitting hotkey


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Whenever i hit the hotkey to bring up the alfred window it takes a few second for it to appear, after a bit of testing around it seems to be related to when accessing a network drive.


So when the network drive is mounted, regardless if i have a finder window open, it takes alfred a good few seconds to appear.

If i immediately hit the hot key again, the alfred window pops up, but give it a few seconds and when i try it again the lag is there.


If i unmount the network drive the lag is gone, as in the alfred window will appear immediately.


Alfred version 2.0 (166)

OS X 10.8.3

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Could you check a few things - firstly turn off the 'eject' keywords just in case they are causing the issue (as they discover volumes).


Secondly, restart your Mac without the network drive connected, and then start Alfred, just in case the os x metadata server is looking for that volume when Alfred is trying to query.




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An update, i can no longer replicate the problem at all in any kind of configuration. The only thing that has changed was that i discovered that the network drive on the remote server had gotten itself in a weird state, i could browse it but it was extremely slow, a reboot of the server in question fixed that problem and that seems to have fixed the alfred lag. So i suspect there was some weird interaction happening there.

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