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  1. is it possible to open a finder/spotlight window set the search textfield to first responder and add the option "System files" "are included" using a workflow?
  2. support for optionally adding tags to the saved url would be awesome !
  3. i have a "to listen to later" playlist with albums suggested by friends that i sometimes listen, then STAR the ones I like and REMOVE all the songs i already heard a couple of times. i tried to modify a cocoalibspotify sample app to star the current track+remove from a playlist or just remove it and skip to the next track, with some stupid limitations, like that it has to be the first playlist (at the top) and has to be called "testPlaylist" until now. and because it uses cocoalibspotify you obviously need a premium account. (stores username/mail and credential(not pw!) in a plist in your
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