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Hinting when entering "folder/subfolder!

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Hello, I have a question: is there a way how Alfred can hint me result when I enter more from the folder/file path than the name of the folder / file?

For example I want to open folder "code" which is located in folder "programming". My idea is that I would type something like "programming/code" but Alfred offers me only Google & other searches for this. Is there any workaround for this? Thanks! 

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5 hours ago, vitor said:

That’s exactly what Alfred does (documentation).

Maybe you can record a video of what you’re doing, so your question is clearer.


Where in the linked page is it stated? I don't want to navigate through whole path (query start with "/")
I want to open folder/file using some part of its path - mostly to skip hinting folders with the same name. 

Anytime as I type "/" in my querry, Alfred offers Search with Google, Amazon, Wikipedia... 

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