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How to exclude folder search scope in File Filter?

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I posted a similar issue recently here where I wanted to exclude some items from my File Filter search. And the answer given actually worked for the use I had as I could add a comment to the one folder I wanted to skip and everything was well.

However I have a big problem where there are multiple folders I want to exclude. Or rather one folder, named 'node_modules'.

I have this repository and I have this workflow I use which searches through folders inside this repository. However it also searches inside node_modules and its thousands of folders. 

I tried to give node_modules a finder comment : 




And then skipping it in File Filter : 



But that only works for this one folder, it doesn't actually apply to the folders inside node_modules. And it is unfeasible for me to add this comment to every single folder in node_modules just so I can skip them.


What can I do in this case? Thank you a lot for any help. 


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Another option I see is to actually add comments to the folders I want to search over but that too is extremely annoying as I have many folders.


I just need some way to exclude a folder and all of its contents being searched by this File Filter.

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2 hours ago, deanishe said:

Search the forum for “node_modules”


Thank you. Adding node_modules to spotlight blacklist works.


However apparently Gitbook doesn't even need me to have these node_modules to use its Gitbook plugins which is even more awesome. 

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