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Dictionary no longer working in 10.13.1 prerelease


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I just updated to the latest version of Alfred and now the dictionary link appears to be broken. Whether I use d (define) or s (spell) the word is never found. This includes words like "and", "there", etc.


Is this function broken in v3.5.1?

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@bocaboy Could you please launch the Dictionary application on your Mac and take a look at which dictionaries are visible in there? It may be that the Dictionary was deleted or corrupted, so your Mac is unable to return results. I believe we've had a couple of users who reported a few years ago that Dictionary reported "No dictionaries installed".


Next, launch Alfred's preferences to Features > Dictionary and make sure Language is left on "Default", so that it's not looking for a specific dictionary that may not be available. :)



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Vero, you're absolutely right about the source of this problem. The Dictionary app did not install any content when 10.13.1 was installed. I've never experienced that before in all the time I've been working with Apple, but still should have checked it before posting. 


If I still have problems after the dictionaries are installed, I'll report back.


Thanks again!


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