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Show Hidden Files - Toggle (Finder)

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@jgarza9788 Thanks for the workflow. A couple of ways you might improve it:


Terminal Command isn't really the right action for this case. A Run Script action with Language = /bin/bash would be more appropriate. Terminal Command is for commands that need to be run in a terminal because they're, for example, interactive and/or need user input. For a command that doesn't need input, Run Script is a better choice (it doesn't leave a Terminal windows behind).


Would you consider putting the workflow source on GitHub, not just the compiled workflow? Git(Hub) is for source code, and only putting binaries on there undermines a lot of the features, like pull requests.


1 hour ago, JimmyTheSaint said:

so maybe that has something to do with it?


It doesn't.


1 hour ago, JimmyTheSaint said:

in any case, the workflow doesn't toggle PathFinder's status regarding showing hidden files.


No, it's a workflow for Finder. Path Finder doesn't care about Finder's settings, and in any case, Path Finder has a menu entry to show/hide invisible files. In Finder, it's a hidden setting that require messing around on the command line and restarting Finder (which is what the workflow does and why it's useful).

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