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  1. Thanks for introducing me to that debugger. Here's the screenshot. I guess it's some kind of n00bish mistake on my part, but I don't see it.
  2. What's the principle that it depends on? The workflow fails for me on every file I try in Path Finder, and I've tried mp3, text, doc, and pdf files. I select the Send via AirDrop workflow from the file actions, and nothing happens at all.
  3. In workflows, the hotkey feature requires hotkeys to use special characters (ctrl, opt, shift, cmd). As a touch-typist, it's greatly preferable to keep your fingers on the home row, and special characters require moving your hands away, slowing operating my keyboard down. I would like to be able to use simultaneous key presses to launch workflows. For example, simultaneously press the 'g' and 'n' keys to launch a bookmark to Google News. Because the key presses have to be simultaneous, the 'g' and 'n' keys would continue to function normally for typing text. The addition of non-special charact
  4. Thanks for this. It works for me when selecting files in Finder, but I user Path Finder as a Finder replacement, and it doesn't work with files selected in Path Finder. The Air Drop window simply never opens. Is there a fix?
  5. I did those two things, but there is no change, with the console listing the same sequence of messages. When I ran ffass, Alfred showed the message, "Registered. Re-open Firefox extension to connect." When I did the alternative method, I got this stuff posted in the terminal: Last login: Thu Jul 23 23:54:23 on console e@GRAY ~ % /Users/e/Documents/var/computing/MacOS/Alfred/GRAY16/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.159A6778-728D-47CD-8977-213AB04106F0/alfred-firefox ; exit; panic: invalid Workflow environment: alfred_workflow_bundleid is not set, alfred_workf
  6. I think it needs another update. I get this warning.
  7. Here's what was generated in the "Console" tab when I opened the extension: [popup] started popup.js:36:11 connected to popup alfred.js:118:13 received message Object { command: "status" } alfred.js:127:13 sent message Object { status: "disconnected" } alfred.js:123:13 [popup] status=disconnected popup.js:14:15 received message Object { command: "status" } alfred.js:127:13 sent message Object { status: "disconnected" } alfred.js:123:13 received message Object { command: "reconnect" } alfred.js:127:13 reconnecting to native app ... alfred.js:134:19 [popup] status=disconnected po
  8. Also, I'm attaching a screenshot of the debugger in case you need me to access something else from it:
  9. I was only guessing that a "stack trace" was important. I had no idea the extension debugger was the important one because when I opened it, it seemed to show a lot less information than the log. Now I see if I click on the part on the left side that says "JS alfred.js" it shows a lot of info. I'm pasting that info here: /* global browser */ /** * Name of native application according to application manifest. * @var {string} appName */ const appName = 'net.deanishe.alfred.firefox'; const iconConnected = 'icons/bowler.svg'; const iconDisconnected = 'icons/bowler-red.svg'; /** * Tab ob
  10. Can you help determine how to connect the extension to the workflow or what's preventing the extension from connecting to the workflow at the Firefox end? Not being a programmer, I don't have the first idea of what a stack trace is saying. I can follow instructions. I also have a second laptop set up almost identically, and it's got exactly the same error, so there's no new information there.
  11. I don't know exactly what this info implies, so I'm pasting the part from the log file that lists the first occurrence of the "dial unix" error. That Firefox extension debugger is totally beyond me. Is there some info from it I should post to shed light on the error? Should I post more of the log file? 18:51:57 [warning] info.plist not found. Guessed: /Users/e/Documents/var/computing/MacOS/Alfred/GRAY16/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.159A6778-728D-47CD-8977-213AB04106F0 18:51:57 ----- Firefox Assistant/0.2.1 (AwGo/0.20.2) ------ 18:51:57 loaded URL action "Open in
  12. I can't get the Firefox extension to connect. Its status always shows "disconnected." I installed the workflow first, then the extension via the workflow. I got through MacOS's security and privacy checks, no problem, but when I run the workflow, it seems to run correctly, but shows "Cannot connect to extension," which makes sense because the extension is always disconnected. I've tried re-starting Firefox. Any troubleshooting suggestions? EDIT: When doing ffass, under "No Connection to Browser," it says, "dial unix /tmp/alfred-firefox.501.sock: connect: no such file or directory"
  13. Yes, that worked, thanks. I see my mistake now: I cut and pasted from my Karabiner.json where the call to Alfred's workflow is in fact inside double quote, necessitating escaping the nested double quotes. But it still doesn't work as expected. When I do: $ /usr/bin/osascript -e 'tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "AstrillToggle-ext" in workflow "com.jimmy34742.alfred.AstrillToggle"' it opens Alfred's window with the workflow ready to run, and I still have to hit the return key to execute the workflow. How do I make that command line directly execute the workfl
  14. When I do it without adding the single quotes as you suggested, I get this expected error: syntax error: Expected expression but found end of script. (-2741)
  15. Thanks for taking a look. That is indeed one of the variations I'd tried. When I do: /usr/bin/osascript -e 'tell application \"Alfred 3\" to run trigger \"AstrillToggle-ext\" in workflow \"com.jimmy34742.alfred.AstrillToggle\"' Terminal returns: syntax error: Expected expression, property or key form, etc. but found unknown token. (-2741) I've gone over it with a fine tooth comb, but I don't see any typos. I have several workflows that I've made external triggers for, and they work fine. When I run the workflow from Alfred, it works correctly.
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