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  1. Yes, that worked, thanks. I see my mistake now: I cut and pasted from my Karabiner.json where the call to Alfred's workflow is in fact inside double quote, necessitating escaping the nested double quotes. But it still doesn't work as expected. When I do: $ /usr/bin/osascript -e 'tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "AstrillToggle-ext" in workflow "com.jimmy34742.alfred.AstrillToggle"' it opens Alfred's window with the workflow ready to run, and I still have to hit the return key to execute the workflow. How do I make that command line directly execute the workflow without opening Alfred's window and waiting for user input?
  2. When I do it without adding the single quotes as you suggested, I get this expected error: syntax error: Expected expression but found end of script. (-2741)
  3. Thanks for taking a look. That is indeed one of the variations I'd tried. When I do: /usr/bin/osascript -e 'tell application \"Alfred 3\" to run trigger \"AstrillToggle-ext\" in workflow \"com.jimmy34742.alfred.AstrillToggle\"' Terminal returns: syntax error: Expected expression, property or key form, etc. but found unknown token. (-2741) I've gone over it with a fine tooth comb, but I don't see any typos. I have several workflows that I've made external triggers for, and they work fine. When I run the workflow from Alfred, it works correctly.
  4. I'm trying to run a workflow from a Terminal command line in preparation to use Sleepwatcher to run that workflow every time I close the lid. But apparently I don't have things quoted and escaped correctly, and I can't figure it out. Can I get some correction on the following? $ /usr/bin/osascript -e tell application \"Alfred 3\" to run trigger \"MyExternalTrigger\" in workflow \"com.jimmy34742.alfred.MyWorkflow\"
  5. Nice, but it launches a new instance of the Terminal app at every invocation and then leaves that Terminal running. I use PathFinder as a Finder replacement, so maybe that has something to do with it? in any case, the workflow doesn't toggle PathFinder's status regarding showing hidden files.
  6. Thanks, but K-E doesn't have that Parameters page. I only know of those two timing parameters that I have to edit directly in karabiner.json.
  7. I made a launcher that emphasizes home row keys 's', 'd', 'f'', 'j', 'k', and 'l', and the 'w', 'e', 'i', and 'o' keys because they require the least energy to move to. I find moving the index finger up a row to be far less ergonomic than the middle and ring fingers. The total spread of the two-key launch sequences is narrow enough to be one-handable. The file is here https://gist.github.com/Jimmy34742/c442fd432115f55b752f1d3982b2acff Most of the my spacebar-based launcher remains active in that file. The spacebar-based launcher is now here https://gist.github.com/Jimmy34742/7be28de581e706c37b059b395bf8900f Switching apps feels good, but I could use some help with optimizing the timing parameters to ensure a good typing feel "basic.to_delayed_action_delay_milliseconds": 0, "basic.to_if_alone_timeout_milliseconds": 500 Yes, I know this thread suffers from topic creep, but I couldn't think of a better place to post this.
  8. My K+A example was just for purposes of illustration. I hear you on the HJKL keys and also on the semicolon key. Actually, I use emacs keybindings--and very happily--but it had become clear to me on my own early on that all the home row keys are particularly valuable to a user interface's ergonomics. In fact, I prefer to avoid 'A' and semicolon because a more compact layout can be used one-handed when necessary. I first made a home row launcher (which I sent you--did you get it?), but I couldn't seem to hit on a combination of those two timing parameters that would prevent mistakes due to home row characters being captured by K-E. My typing technique obviously falls into some overlapping, but that's not an issue for typing on a keyboard that hasn't been re-mapped. I think overlapping allows faster typing because you use less physical energy, but now the modifier key-based launcher that I had turned to is running out of available ergonomic key combos. I don't want to turn to command, option, or function keys because they require shifts in hand position. My interface that I posted on Github uses spacebar and tab to enter modes. By the way, I have caps_lock mapped to left_control. So I want to add home row keys to initiate modes, but that's going to lead to a ton of typing errors until I can impose a rather harsh discipline on my typing technique that will slow my--and I think anybody's--typing down.
  9. @nikivi: when you use simultaneous keypresses in Karabiner, does your typing have to be 100% precise so that you don't inadvertently activate a Karabiner combo? For example, if K+A switches to Safari, then when you type the word "karabiner," if the leading 'k' and 'a' overlap even slightly, you'll accidentally switch to Safari. Do you use 100% separated typing technique? If so, do you think that's a better typing technique, or is it a sacrifice you make in order to use simultaneous keypresses for other things? I'm asking because, since Karabiner-Elements doesn't yet have simultaneous keypresses, I can simulate it by, for example, creating a 'k' mode and then launching Safari by holding 'k' down and then pressing 'a'. This works fine as long as I have 100% separated typing technique. My typing isn't 100% separated because it doesn't have to be, and because I perceive fully separating keypresses as slower when typing text. I'm trying to decide if it's worth getting used to a different typing technique for the sake of (emulated) simultaneous keypresses.
  10. yes, that worked. I thought I'd already tried all combinations of escaping stuff.
  11. I posted my K-E launcher at https://gist.github.com/Jimmy34742/7be28de581e706c37b059b395bf8900f It uses spacebar and tab as sticky keys. The organization is: spacebar + letter => application spacebar + number => folder or file spacebar + shift + number => a logically (to me) different category of folder or file tab => URL's, Alfred workflows and (I intend) LaunchBar actions (future) tab + spacebar => workflows and actions and tab (above) only launches URL's. All suggestions and comments welcome.
  12. In the other thread, @deanishe wrote: To run an .scpt file: /usr/bin/osascript /path/to/applescript.scpt or to run AppleScript: /usr/bin/osascript -e 'tell application "Alfred 3" to ...' My script consists of this one "tell" statement: tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "SafariTabs-ext" in workflow "com.my.SearchTabs" The script works fine when I trigger it from a key_code using this piece of code in my Karabiner-Elements json file: "to": [ { "shell_command": "/usr/bin/osascript ~/Documents/SafariTabs-my.scpt" } Since the scripts I intend to write will all be one-liners, I would rather put the "tell" statement inside the json file rather than call a script. What's the proper K-E json syntax to make that "tell" statement part of the shell_command? I would think that I have to escape the spaces and double quotation marks, but I haven't been able to get it right.
  13. On the contrary, it was a productive and intelligent discussion among thoughtful, experienced users who are also paying customers. It was honestly critical and honestly praiseworthy as appropriate. The topic was to compare user experiences of Alfred and LaunchBar, and it stayed on topic quite well. When points are being debated back and forth, that is neither unnecessarily negative nor repetitive. Why not honor everyone who put time and labor into the forum, restore it, and let readers decide what they think? Perhaps edit out the posts that merely characterize what other people have written rather than responding to content with content.
  14. Yeah, I do the sticky key thing--essentially, launcher mode--no problem. I use tab, spacebar, and spacebar-shift for that, but you can use any key_code to enter a mode and any key-code to create sub-modes, or sub-layers, or whatever people like to call it. Sub-modes are easier using modifier keys, though. I created a Home Row launcher using only the homerow of keys, 'a', 's', 'd', and 'f' as sticky keys. Simultaneous key, no. And I've tried many logical things to achieve longpresses, but nothing works without side effects (something happens on key up or the character gets passed through as if it were typed alone).
  15. PM'ed you. But beware that the cached version doesn't include any of your posts. That long one where you described your Karabiner + 500 Alfred workflows gave me lots of ideas.
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