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Getting list of email mailboxes?

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I've seen several workflows that do things like autocomplete tags, or folders, or something else. I'm wondering if there is a way to autocomplete mailboxes in mail.app? My use case would be a keyword to move a mail message, allowing the user to start typing the desired mailbox with the workflow providing matches.


Any ideas?

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You could certainly use Alfred to display a list of mailboxes (that match your query). But first of all, you'll need a script that fetches a list of all your mailboxes from Mail.app including the mailbox ID you'll need to get a reference to the mailbox in your downstream script.

After that, it's mostly a case of wrapping that list up in Alfred's Script Filter JSON. AppleScript truly sucks for JSON, so it'd be a smarter approach to use JXA (JavaScript for Automation), which supports JSON natively, or combine AppleScript with some other language with decent JSON support.

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