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Hoping someone can point me in the right direction with this simple workflow that I'm trying to create. I'm sure I can do this with some scripting, but was hoping to get it to work without it. It is a simple list filter that I want to filter 3 actions: notes, reminders, label and then open the corresponding dynamic url.


The 'notes' & 'reminders' are working as I would like, but I'm having trouble with the 'label' action since it doesn't follow the same protocol as the other two - it needs an additional argument (label name).


I am hoping to type the following: "gkeep label work" and it will trigger an open url command to open "https://keep.google.com/#label/work".


My workflow can be downloaded here for review.


Thanks in advance,


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The problem you're having is that you aren't clearing {query} before you ask for the label name. You set the location variable to {query}, but you also leave the Argument set as {query}, so when the box pops up asking for the label name, it already says "label".

You probably thought this was the keyword (also "label", and which you don't need), but it isn't. It's the output from your initial List Filter passed via arg/{query}/Argument, and it also gets passed along to the following action, so your URL is keep.google.com/#label/labelWork instead of keep.google.com/#label/Work.

The solution is to make sure the Argument box is empty in your Args & Vars element (right after the List Filter). This clears the value and thus doesn't pre-populate the next input with {query}.

Here's a fixed version, as my description might not be very clear. I've marked the changed element red.

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thanks was able to get the changes.  unfortunately this still doesn't solve the issue i'm having. Alfred doesn't seem to understand when i type "gkeep label work". I have to do the following steps to get it to work:


1. Type "gkeep label"

2. Hit enter

3. Type the label name ('work') i wish to load via url

4. Hit enter


was hoping for being able to just:


1. Type "gkeep label work" or "gkeep label personal"

2. Hit enter


Thanks for helping me...

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Just now, mrm312 said:

Alfred doesn't seem to understand when i type "gkeep label work"


Ah right. No, it wouldn't. Your workflow collects location and label separately, so you have to enter them separately.


To be able to enter the whole query at once, your first input has to be able to handle the whole query.


The obvious two options are (a) add the labels to the List Filter, or (b) use a Script Filter and handle the query in code.

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