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Find Folders in Finder

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Unfortunately, you didn't post a screenshot of the workflow in action, perhaps just after you had typed in the search bar, and began to enter the first few letters of a folder name.


Did you set a search scope for this filter ?  I've uploaded a workflow here that uses the File Filter to allow you to select a folder, the location of which will be the working directory of a new Terminal window that opens up.


To use, open the Alfred search bar, type cd <space> then the start of a folder name, e.g.

cd vol

which, on my system, brings up /Volumes, Kill Bill Volume 1. soundtrack folder, etc.


If this workflow doesn't work for you, then this might be a symptom of a bigger problem.

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Thanks. I don't want to use scripts or Terminal, and the folders I am look for are in my user directory (pdfs and documents mostly).


Is there no built-in way to search for folders rather than files? (ie to specify to exclude files and just look for folders)?

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You'll want to take another look at the workflow I uploaded for you.  Yes, it so happens that I (randomly) chose the workflow's action to open up a folder in Terminal, but No, the workflow itself does not employ any scripts or the use of *Terminal* in order to search through folders within Alfred.


You're asking:


3 hours ago, jipnet said:

Is there no built-in way to search for folders rather than files? (ie to specify to exclude files and just look for folders)?


and that's exactly what a File Filter does, and what my workflow demonstrates.

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@jipnet Take a look at the guide on creating your own File Filter workflow, which walks you through the various steps (setting file types, setting a search scope, etc):



You can then replace the Terminal object @CJK opted for with something like the "Open File" or "Reveal in Finder" or "Browse in Alfred" object, depending on what you're trying to achieve :) 



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BTW, I think it would be helpful if Alfred documentation noted the difference between "file" and "folder" when speaking of the find instruction. That is what threw me off initially. Perhaps more logically, for purposes of description: find object, where object can be variously specified as file, folder, image, sound file, movie file, etc.

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