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[SOLVED] Workflow to launch an App with Parameters?

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Hey there,


Question everyone from a scripting newbie :)


I'm trying to write a workflow to launch an app (the Opera Browser) and then, depending on the {query} I bring in to the workflow (based on what I type into Alfred after the keyword trigger), it then runs the app with a different argument (which user profile to open up with).


So, I created a keyword trigger "operauser" and when I run it, if I bring in the parameter "work" (so I type "operauser work" from Alfred) that it then runs the Opera browser, with the profile directory that I've associated with my work.


I set the language as bash, the input as {query} and here is the script:


if [ {query} = "work" ] ; then
/Applications/Opera.app/Contents/MacOS/Opera --user-data-dir="/Users/myusername/OperaProfiles/Work"


But when I activate this workflow and type "operauser work" from Alfred.... nothing happens :(


I've tried variations, like with the "open" command as well, but nothing seems to do it.


Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help :)



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Deanishe, Thank you soooo much.


I wasted two hours on such silly and obvious mistake.


I appreciate your help!!!!!!


I'd love to invite you to a coffee to thank you, if you ever come to Argentina :)



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