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I have a workflow that opens a Outlook message based on its ID (stolen from here). I'd like to be able to make an actual link in my note app, so I can open the message by clicking. I have a shortcode in Alfred, so I would write m12345, where 12345 is the message ID. Is there some way to send a request to Alfred with a link instead of opening Alfred and typing the shortcode and the message ID? I've looked at the Alfred:// URL handler, which doesn't seem to allow it.

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Hi @vitor,


Thanks a lot!


So, I've been trying the External Triggers, which seem like they can do what I'd like, but I'm stuck.


So, I have two different processes.


1. Generate link

First, I want to get the ID of the Outlook message. I've done that with the above.

I've created a workflow for this and assigned a hotkey. I still need it to generate a link, though.


2. Open link

I'd like something like file:///myscript.scpt?id=12345, so I can open the Outlook message from the link. I haven't figured that out yet. I've created a External Trigger that runs a script to open the file. The AppleScript file contains the following:


tell application "Alfred 3" to run trigger "outlookmessage" in workflow "com.alfredapp.outlookmessage" with argument "12345"

So, here the Outlook ID is hardcoded. How can I link to this AppleScript file and include the Outlook ID as an argument?

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44 minutes ago, hoegenhaug said:

I'd like something like file:///myscript.scpt?id=12345, so I can open the Outlook message from the link


The standard way to open a specific message in an email program is using the message://<Message-Id goes here> URL scheme. Does Outlook not support it?

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5 hours ago, hoegenhaug said:

However, my standard mail application is Mail.app


Doesn’t matter. You can still tell the system to pass the URL to a different app.


In any case, what you’ve found is the best way. I do something similar with Sublime Text to make it better behaved. It’s just not exactly trivial to write the bridge application.


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