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If no filter matches, do this (else)

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i'm sry but i was unable to find it. I'm only trying to do the following:


If it matches x, open browser with that subsite

if it matches nothing, open browser with that site

If it matches nothing from above, open browser and do search


How do i click something like this together?

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Simplest way is to have two filters, copies of the ones that already exist but with is not equal to instead. Like so.

Also notice that on the Keyword you need to set Argument Optional or you won’t be able to activate the empty case.

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Puh that might be a lot of work though. I was planning to do it for a few nodes like 10-20. A mix of 'go to, otherwise search' for our corporate portal.


There is no better solution to this, right? Would it be possible to write its own function block to implement such a 'switch' block?

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Yes, you can use a Script Filter or Run Script object and choose from several scripting languages to write a switch block. Just return the corresponding URL and connect it to an Open URL object.

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30 minutes ago, Tsunami said:

you can use a Script Filter or Run Script object


A Script Filter would be inappropriate for this, as it should act immediately after the Keyword.


15 minutes ago, sigi said:

I meant more like a meta object. Similiar to filter or junction.


No, there’s no such object. Do you need help writing the code for the Run Script? It’s simple enough that you should be able to understand what’s going on even with no coding experience.

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There is something else you might try. You’ll notice Filter has a matches regex case. Thought a does not match regex would be more straightforward in this case, that limitation can be circumvented with a negative lookahead. So let’s say you don’t want to match flower, power, and empty strings: ^(?!flower|power).+$.

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5 minutes ago, sigi said:

Its still quite cumbersome to extend it.


It is. It’s also easier to mess up (especially for non-coders) which is why I hadn’t mentioned it earlier. Given the constraints, the Run Script is your best option.

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