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Vimium or Hunt-and-Peck simulator

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Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a vimium or hunt and peck style search workflow with alfred for the mac UI. You could use the accessibility buttons to make options like they do in shortcat. I use shortcat, but sometimes it just can't get elements and I don't know if it's an issue with the app or an issue with the apps it is trying to reach. Regardless, I think alfred would be a good place to run it.

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Are you talking about filtering a list of available application actions in Alfred? In that case, you might be interested in Menu Search.

Alfred can help you launch your program or provide a sweet UI for filtering a list of stuff, but it can't help you implement something like Hunt and Peck in any way beyond providing a UI to filter stuff with.

Alfred is a launcher, not an application automation tool. As such, it provides basically zero tools for automating applications beyond telling them to open a specific file/URL.

As far as getting a list of possible actions for a given application, you're entirely on your own.

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5 hours ago, minsanity said:

like they do in shortcat. I use shortcat, but sometimes it just can't get elements


Looks like you don’t want Alfred to do it, but rather want for Shortcat to be better. Those are entirely different things. No, you can’t use Alfred to make a better Shortcat, because Alfred doesn’t inherently solve any of the problems Shortcat has (it doesn’t even try to).


You might be better filling bug reports to Shortcat, so they can improve it for your needs.

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