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Paste with indent?

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Several times a day, I paste code into Markdown, e.g. on Github issues. Of course it's pasted exactly as-is, which means that I have to manually add 4 spaces to each line in order for it to be treated as a code block.


It'd be great if there were a workflow which would paste the code, prepending 4 spaces to each line in the process. Does this exist? It seems trivial, but I couldn't find anything out there.


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On GitHub you can use fenced code blocks instead of indenting. It’s a lot easier that way, imo, because you don’t have to change the code.


Otherwise, I dare say you can’t find a workflow to do the indenting because people just use their code editor to do it, or didn’t think it was worth sharing such a trivial workflow.

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As it so happens the code I usually paste usually contains fenced code blocks itself (long story) so I've got to use the indent method ... I do use my code editor today, but it's just such a pain (create new buffer in code editor, paste into code editor, block indent, copy from code editor, close buffer, paste to browser...)


Maybe I'll take a crack at it myself. 🙂 Thanks for the reply!

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