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Unexpected addition to Terminal Custom (Features > Terminal)

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Not sure if this is a bug or change request.

Under Alfred > Features > Terminal it is possible to set Terminal to custom. 
q (on alfred_script(q)) returns "cd {query}" but it is not documented that Alfred adds  "cd  " in the beginning. Better would be that q contains just the query OR it is required to document hat Alfred adds "cd " in front of the query. 
FMPOV it would be better that q just contains the query and leave it up to the user to add "cd " or whatever. 
Alfre version 4.0.2

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@Acidham Alfred shouldn't be adding cd to the front of the query. Could you please clarify a little, as I don't understand this:


8 hours ago, Acidham said:

q (on alfred_script(q)) returns "cd {query}"


What script do you have shown when you select Custom? By default, Alfred has this one:

on alfred_script(q)
	tell application "Terminal"
		do script q
	end tell
end alfred_script



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@Andrew you are right the custom Terminal does not set q it's Browse Terminal Action together with custom terminal setting. 


Maybe I should use Terminal not Browse Terminal ?

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@Acidham "Browse in Terminal" will cd to the path you pass (or if you have the default terminal set, which I recommend if using Terminal.app, then it'll open the Terminal app to the specified path which is much faster).


If you just want to run a terminal command, use "Run Terminal Command"

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