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Option to hide fallback searches.

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I would like to be able to hide Alfred fallback searches so it does not confuse the user with the results of a workflow query.



First example: DeepL-Translate (results of the translation of the word "food" from EN to DE). Readability is not optimal.




Second example : A workflow by Tyler Eich that displays applications, operating system versions. No fallback search is displayed. Better readability according to me 😀




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@politicus Take a look at Features > Default Results, and choose "Only show fallbacks when there are no results" rather than including intelligently. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 21.23.13.png


This is up to the user to set to their own preference rather than the workflow creator :)



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I feel so stupid I didn't look at this option in  the settings before asking the question. In my mind, I had looked at this setting loooooong time ago and it was not an option I EVER could be interested in. So I didn't before asking the question. 🙄 


You are right, it make sense to let the user set to their own preference, not the workflow creator.


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