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[SOLVED] Run a terminal command in background

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Fundamentally I am looking to do what I can do with Action:Terminal command  (eg run scripts with my normal login environment) in the way that Action:Run script executes in the background without grabbing focus or dumping commands into my existing terminal.    


Can anyone help with this?




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You need to source your shell's configuration files from your script then. You may also need to start a shell yourself in interactive mode or edit your config files so the necessary bits are also loaded in non-interactive mode.

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That is the bomb.  


If anyone else is looking for details, I have included the contents of my "Actions|Run script"  here. I use Zsh.  


source ~/.zshrc

#echo $HOME

pbpaste | marked | pbcopy
echo "converted"


#end of script  


The pbpaste...  converts plain text to markup, which is something I do a lot of.   So anyone else just needs to put their bit where that line is.  


Thanks deanishe


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