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Search multiple sites simultaneously using the same query

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I am trying to figure out how to open multiple sites and display the search results of query on all of the sites. I often need to check multiple sites for the same thing. I may need to find a font so I have my list of sites that I would like to see if one of them has the font I am looking for. Same thing with stock photos I may need to look at multiple stock photography sites trying to find the right image. 


It would be much easier if I could just use a keyword in Alfred and have it run the query on all of them, rather than doing it individually. I know you can run multiple queries but I haven't figured out how to use one query on multiple sites at once. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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@Sethl13 Take a look at the built-in "Should I watch this movie?" example, which opens multiple sites with the same search term. :)


You'll find it in the Workflows tab, under [+] > Examples > Should I watch this movie.



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