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Password - A suite of password generation functions.

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Download: http://cl.ly/0c401P3c3S0T



This workflow has the following commands:

  1. "horse" - Generates a slightly modified version of the "correct horse battery staple" style password (e.g. "Rising-Rocky-Prevent-Table-3"),  suggested by XKCD: http://xkcd.com/936
  2. "pass" - Alias of "horse."
  3. "unique" - Produces a randomized unique string (e.g. "514cd3a59ae3a").
  4. "md5 <string>" - Produces the md5 hash of any string. This is really only useful for developers, and not really that useful even then.

Results are copied to the clipboard and pasted to the foremost application.

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Nice workflow! Very useful. Could you add to the dictionary of words though? This scheme is only as secure as the number of potential words, and right now it only has a few hundred. Would be great to see a few thousand instead.

Maybe the script has been updated since your post, but when I get it now it has 1949 words which should be sufficient.

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Glad you found it useful!  I added the dashes because they provide the very slight extra security of symbols (so the password is upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols).


Then again, I just hobbled together the workflow.  My knowledge of password strength factors is pretty limited.

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