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Named Clipboard History Searcher

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Hey Guys,


So right now I am using Alfred to look through my clipboard history. But sometimes what I want is to name certain items that are short lived.

I don't want to save them as a snippet.


For example: I quickly want to save a customer support ticket number.

Now I can't remember the ticket number hence I can't search for it in the clipboard history.

At the same time it's not really a snippet that i'll need forever. 


Is there any workflow in Alfred where I can dynamically add Key/Value pairs, delete them and search for them?


If none exists, what is the best way to go about building one.

(I am familiar with python as a language)


Thank you in advance! 🙂

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@firesofmay This would definitely be a job for snippets: You can save a snippet from the Clipboard History Viewer by pressing Cmd + S on it and giving it a name - no need to think about expansion keywords or anything fancy.


You can then save it as a non-expanding snippet, in a collection that's just a scratchpad. Periodically, you can then delete the contents of the snippet collection. :)



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