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Workflow fail with "developer cannot be verified" errors in Catalina

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There are many Alfred workflow that I use regularly that are failing for me after upgrading to Catalina. They fail with the message "developer cannot be verified . . .". See this thread, for example:


I fixed that one by recompiling myself, on my machine from the GitHub source. For me, this verifies that this is a Catalina permissions issue of some type.  


Is there any way of fixing these errors without manually rebuilding these workflows on my own machine? I have verified that Alfred 4 is enabled for Automation (lots of apps, including terminal), accessibility and full disk access.




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22 minutes ago, tbrown said:

Is there any way of fixing these errors without manually rebuilding these workflows on my own machine?


This apparently works, but it's a right PITA.


I don't believe there's anything Alfred can do about it, nor any changing of Alfred's permissions that can help.


Catalina simply does not want to run executable binaries that aren't signed with an Apple Developer ID, and makes it very difficult to do so. The problem is entirely of Apple's making, and they're the only ones who can fix it.

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Do the following immediately after you get the warning: "[application-xyz] cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified."


1. Click "Cancel" on the warning dialog.
2. Open Mac System Preferences
3. Open Security & Privacy section, then the General tab
4. At the bottom in the "Allow apps downloaded from" section, you should see a message that says: "[application-xyz] was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer."
5. Click the "Allow Anyway" button
6. Try to run the workflow again
7. You will get another warning about not being able to identify the developer, but now it has an Open button. Click Open.
8. You show now be able to run the workflow without any future problems (until you upgrade the workflow).


Apple has more about this work-around at the bottom of this article:

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