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  1. I need to just take the contents of the clipboard and strip off all but the path of a url and copy it back to the clipboard. I could do this by splitting the clipboard's url at a particular point and outputting the second part, or doing a search and replace. I just am not sure how to grab the contents of the clipboard and pipe it into the split utility. It seems to want a {query} which I don't have. Thanx
  2. It works again in v3. No I didn't have a custom terminal setup.
  3. Open in terminal no longer works. Actually Alfred becomes unresponsive and the only way out is to kill it from activity monitor. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. Seems to be working again! Thanx for the reply anyhow.
  5. Never had any trouble triggering the file search actions using control + esc. Since the latest update when I select a file in finder and trigger this I get the alfred window but it doesn't do anything and it seems frozen. I have to kill it using activity monitor. I've gone in to try to change the shortcut to trigger it but that doesn't solve the problem. Seems alfred loses focus after popping up the select file dialogue and when I hit enter finder is receiving the event. After that alfred is just stuck there and requires killing from activity monitor. Is this a bug or is there a fix?
  6. Hi, do you have a link to the May version? I only see the latest link to the Feb version. BTW, nice workflow! Thanx.
  7. Excellent! I didn't see that setting. Makes it much more usable.
  8. I should add that this was a general problem I was having since the update. I solved it by hitting reset here http://monosnap.com/image/KGcrkUyDx1Jl5k5UomNyuLiFpYHJh4
  9. I had the same issue. Try the suggested fix. If that doesn't work try the following: open Alfred. type /Applications , use the arrow key to drop into the applications list. Now type calendar and open it. Next time you type calendar it should load without manually finding it. Worked for me.
  10. Hi, I just installed this. When I type "caff en" it says "caffeine is already active". But it isn't. Status reports that it's currently active for an indefinite period. Basically it mistakenly thinks caffeine is active. I'm on 10.8, on a retina mbp. I'd love it if this workflow was working.
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