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File Filter For First Level of Sub-Folders (Folder Depth 1)

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Good morning. I've been scratching my head on this one and haven't found much on the forum, which leads me to believe I may be going about this wrong as it feels quite "simple." 🙂  Appreciative for any feedback or guidance.


Use Case:  I want to be able to open any folder (repo) one level below my "GitHub" folder in both Atom and Terminal.  The number of folders (repos) within the "GitHub" folder changes wildly as I add and remove repos.


I created a Workflow using a File Filter that limits the search to type "folder" within the "GitHub" folder.  I can successfully pass the {query} result (in this case, the folder location) to both Atom and Terminal and get the desired results within each of those Actions.


The Question:  When using the File Filter, it is also providing me all of the sub-folders within each of the folders (repos) within the "GitHub" folder.  The ideal scenario would be just to display those folders directly beneath the GitHub folder, similar to how if I open Alfred and start with "/" I can essentially navigate folders.


I found some fairly old (4+ year) posts around using Script Filters to attempt and accomplish, but they were incomplete and/or didn't seem to offer workable solutions.


Again, appreciative for any suggestions or guidance.  The current iteration of my workflow sames me tremendous time and keystrokes and I can typically remember enough of the repo (folder) name to filter it down quickly, however, the older I get, the less I can reliably count on my memory. 🙂


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Ok, deanishe, I just installed that workflow.  AMAZING.  Apparently this weekend I'll be looking through all of your other workflows on GitHub to see what else I've been missing out on. 🙂 Thank you, again!

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