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[SOLVED] Copy text to clipboard

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@Vero Hi,


I know that there are workflows to paste text from the clipboard, but can I use a workflow that copies text? 


In Google Sheets, I have 4 cells in a row and I want to setup a workflow using a Hotkey to: Copy cell 1 to the clipboard, move to cell 2 (Key Combo: Right), copy cell 2 to clipboard, move to cell 3 (Key Combo: Right) etc. 


Can this be done? Thank you. 

Image 2020-02-27 at 12.21.08 PM.png

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Are you sure you want your email address as your username?


On to your question. While GUI scripting is generally a bad idea, in this case you might not have much of a choice. Just like you figured out you can use a Key Combo Output to press the right key, you can also use it to ⌘C and achieve your desired result.

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