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Looking for four Workflows

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Hey yall,


Looking for four things.


1. Ability to navigate and use Dropbox within Alfred.

2. Ability to navigate and use Todoist within Alfred. I've tried a few flows, but they haven't worked.

3. Ability to navigate and use Mac OSX Messages within Alfred.

4. Ability to create an email directly from Superhuman.


Any help would be great.

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What do you mean by "help"? Are you looking for workflow recommendations or someone to help you write the workflows?


17 minutes ago, bullstern said:

I've tried a few flows, but they haven't worked.


Perhaps you should mention which ones. So people don't waste their and your time recommending ones that you've already rejected.


Bear in mind that you can't integrate a service or application into Alfred unless it provides the necessary APIs to do what you want, so it would be a good idea to first check whether that's the case, i.e. if what you want is even possible.


Messages.app, for example, doesn't provide access to its messages, so you can pretty much forget about reading them in Alfred.

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Either or. I'm looking to have the workflows in my arsenal, and figure many would find them useful as well.


Todoist, there was one that involved Node.Js that didn't work. There was a workflow tied to messages.app by Nolan Chan (iM) but it doesn't work great, so not sure how he was able to do it given what you just said. I'm just looking to send a message from alfred.

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4 minutes ago, bullstern said:

so not sure how he was able to do it given what you just said


You can do a lot with Messages, but you can't actually read messages (without questionable hacks). You said you wanted to "navigate and use" it, not just send a message.


If you can provide links to the specific workflows you're talking about and explain exactly what the problems you're having with them are ("it doesn't work" is not an actionable description of a problem), perhaps someone can help you fix them. Or at least point you to the appropriate forum thread to raise your issue. The more concrete details you provide, the more likely you are to get help and/or answers.


As it is, you're not really asking questions we can answer.

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  • vitor changed the title to Looking for four Workflows



1. I currently have the iM workflow by Nolan Chan, but it does not work correctly. I would like instructions on how to build a workflow that works like "AlfredTweet" workflow by David Ferguson. Ideally it would work like Slackfred but as you said alfred can't read the messages.


2. Todoist: I found this 2016 workflow, that requires Node.Js, which I am not familiar with. I am looking to create or use a workflow that allows me to 1) create a todo from alfred. 2) open a project in Alfred.


3. Dropbox: I tried using this workflow, but when i type db it does not load any files.


4. Superhuman: Help creating a workflow that allows me to auto create an email in my email client, Superhuman.


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I read pretty much every thread on this forum, so I know which kinds of questions get answered and which don't. I'm trying to help you write the former.


Now you've explained what you want the Todoist workflow to do, perhaps someone who uses that workflow and/or application will answer your question. Though the workflow's own thread is almost always a better place for such questions because that's where the people who use the workflow and/or Todoist are most likely to see your post.


If you could provide more information about Superhuman, perhaps I can help you get it to work with this workflow, which seems to be designed to do exactly what you're asking. (In fact, it should work out-of-the-box as long as Superhuman is a well-behaved app.)


I (or someone else) can likely help you fix the Messages workflow, but like I said, we first need an actionable description of the problem.

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