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Alfred update notification persists after update


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Having updated Alfred, the notification 'hanging tab' persists until the user revisits the change log / update screen within Alfred settings.


Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Alfred
  • See update available notification beneath the input
  • Click the notification and choose update Alfred from change log screen
  • Wait for update to occur and Alfred to restart
  • Trigger Alfred


Expected outcome:

  • Update available notification disappears


What actually happens:

  • Update available notification persists
  • Notification does not clear until the user clicks it to reach the change log page, where no update is shown
  • When subsequently triggering Alfred no notification is shown


Reproducibility: 4/4 last updates

OS: 10.15.4 (19E266)

Alfred version: 4.0.9 [1144]

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@JamieKeene I suspect that the actual update is failing to occur. Note that Alfred and the preferences are two separate apps contained in one package, so the main Alfred app may still be on an older version and thinking it needs update.


Could you re-download the dmg directly from our website, delete Alfred.app in ~/Applications/ and replace with the version from the dmg. This should flush out any permissions issues which may be causing the issue.




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