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[SOLVED] Strip the Domain out of a URL on copy?

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Hey all,


I'm trying to create a workflow and don't know where to start. For work, I have to enter customer reviews manually, and to do so, I have to copy their email address. I right click on the email address and select "copy link location" (Firefox).


The company formats this URL as "https://www.examplecompany.com/insights/customers/details/customer@fake.com"


I want to strip "https://www.examplecompany.com/insights/customers/details/" out and leave just the "customer@fake.com" in clipboard. I'm sure this is possible, but where do I start? I only know a little JavaScript and am overall a newbie with programming. Thanks to you!

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  • vitor changed the title to [SOLVED] Strip the Domain out of a URL on copy?

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