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[SOLVED] Finder workflow to open new window

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I'm an AppleScript newb. I'm trying to make a workflow to open a new finder window.


Here is my current script: 

tell application "Finder"
	make new window
end tell


Calling it with my keyboard shortcut results in no behavior. I checked out the AppleScript finder documentation but I must be missing something. Could someone please help me out?



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Solved by deanishe
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2 hours ago, Argus said:

Calling it with my keyboard shortcut results in no behavior


“Does nothing” is not a useable description of a problem. Something is happening. When a script isn’t working, check Alfred’s debugger for an error message.


Fortunately, in this case, your mistake is obvious enough to diagnose without the error message: you need make new Finder window


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Thanks for the tip and solution. I am now using the debugger tool.


For any interested I had to make a couple other corrections:

1. Change "Argument required" to "No argument" in my keyword trigger

2. Change the Run Script so that it was running "/usr/bin/osascript" rather than "/usr/bin/"



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