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How to write {query} in Applescript

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Hi, total N00b here.


I’m trying to fix this workflow.

Right now, I have this (running it as /usr/bin/osasciprt (AS) with imputes as {query} running instances Sequentially

tell application "AgentAntidoteConnect"
  lance module dictionnaire mot q
end tell

The error message I receive is the following

[14:29:52.840] ERROR: Antidote 10[Run Script] 56:68: execution error: La variable dictionnaire n’est pas définie. (-2753)

But running it in Script editor does work… any clues?



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details about the running method
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That helps a lot, thanks.

I also found the answer to my original question!

Needs to be "{query}" between brackets and with ".

Here’s my final script:

tell application "AgentAntidoteConnect"
	launch module dictionaries resource definitions word "{query}"
end tell


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