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  1. @dood, you could try that https://cl.ly/b92edbcafa20 Basically, just changing the first line of the script to tell application "Brave Browser" Can’t test it, as I don’t use Instapaper anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. And here’s an updated version for Antidote 10.
  3. And when that is correct, it works! Thanks for your kind support, it really is appreciated. I packaged this part alone, if it’s of any help to someone else: download.
  4. Tried with another shortcut, and a keyword, but something ain’t right. I’ll try to do it like a pro ? – The modified workflow – Alfred 3.6.1 – MacOS 10.13.5 Starting debug for 'Safari Assistant' [2018-06-18 13:57:32][ERROR: action.script] ? 13:57:32 workflow.go:614: ------- Safari Assistant/0.5 (AwGo/0.13.2) ------- 13:57:32 tabs.go:131: &{2 1 Debugger Utility - Alfred Help and Support https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/utilities/debug/ false} 13:57:32 update.go:171: 19h29m since last check for update 13:57:32 workflow.go:790: --------------------- 0.15s ---------------------- [2018-06-18 13:57:32][utility.debug] . /--- TAB ACTIONS IN ---\ query= variables={ "ALSF_HISTORY_ENTRIES" = 1000; "ALSF_INCLUDE_BOOKMARKLETS" = 0; "ALSF_SEARCH_HOSTNAMES" = 1; "ALSF_TAB" = 2; "ALSF_TAB_CTRL" = "Close Tabs to Left"; "ALSF_TAB_FN" = "Open in Private Window"; "ALSF_TAB_OPT" = "Close Tabs to Right"; "ALSF_TAB_SHIFT" = ""; "ALSF_URL" = "https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/utilities/debug/"; "ALSF_URL_CTRL" = "Open in Chrome"; "ALSF_URL_FN" = "Open in Private Window"; "ALSF_URL_OPT" = "Open in Firefox"; "ALSF_URL_SHIFT" = "Open in Current Tab"; "ALSF_WINDOW" = 1; } \----------------------/ [2018-06-18 13:57:32][ERROR: action.script] /Users/jolinm/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred-3/Workflow Scripts/322D9109-6C48-41C2-BF05-5203B690B4B0: line 2: ./alsf: No such file or directory
  5. Oups! You indeed just did, the post before mine… I feel a bit ashamed about not spotting it, sorry! Thanks for your quick answer; I can’t manage to make it work, thought… any clues
  6. Indeed, fantastic tool to help move around between browsers. I would second bk161124 suggestion, if ever
  7. Hi Carlos-Sz, this looks so great. Unfortunately, the download link is down Love your work!
  8. I have been looking for a long time for a way to simulate a keypad to be used for InDesign. So here is a script that can do just that. opt + 1 will give you opt + keypad 1 Here’s the download link.
  9. Actually, I’m using Alfred as a by pass. It’s for a script called Quick Ref that puts a menu item inside InDesign. And InDesign doesn’t allow keyboard shortcut for menu item coming from scripts, as the scripts are loaded after the shortcuts… therefore, I’m currently using Keyboard Maestro to overcome that. But I would like to transfer it to Alfred, if that’s possible.
  10. It does work, but not with InDesign. And it is still faster to access it directly by code with a keyboard shortcut. Would Applescript allows that?
  11. Hum, works with Illustrator CC2015, but not with InDesign :/
  12. Is there a way to select a menu item, similar to what’s possible in Keyboard Maestro?
  13. Updated Workflow original created by Hugo Davoust Adapted from the Antidote 8 workflow Here’s the workflow.
  14. Well, at least I feel a little better about my (lack of) programming skills. I’ll try to contact him. Thanks for the support and follow up!
  15. Hum :/ Not proud of myself here, and I feal kinda dumb, but even after reading a little bit more from what you told me, I have seriously no idea what I’m doing…! Here is my file script.sh #!/bin/bash open focus://focus And here is me trying to run it from terminal, and failling! Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ chmod +x /Users/jolinm/Desktop/script.sh Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ /Users/jolinm/Desktop/script.sh The file /Users/jolinm/focus:/focus does not exist. Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ .//Users/jolinm/Desktop/script.sh -bash: .//Users/jolinm/Desktop/script.sh: No such file or directory Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ /Users/jolinm/Desktop -bash: /Users/jolinm/Desktop: is a directory Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ ./script.sh -bash: ./script.sh: No such file or directory Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ chmod +x script chmod: script: No such file or directory Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ chmod +x script.sh chmod: script.sh: No such file or directory Jolins-iMac:~ jolinm$ /Users/jolinm/Desktop/script.sh The file /Users/jolinm/focus:/focus does not exist.
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