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[Workflow] Sonos Toolkit

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I first released my Sonos Workflow back in 2015 (!!), and then Sonos split their app into S1 and S2 and so I took the opportunity to update my workflow with new iconography and to make some other improvements.


It's still pretty basic, but it meets my needs (which is primarily controlling playback).


@karimkaylani made a much more powerful workflow called the Alfred Sonos Controller if you want to be able to interact with your Sonos system.


🎩 Get the workflow here


This workflow supports the following keywords: previous, pause, play, shuffle, next, mute, volume-down, volume-up, search, mini, and sonos.



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5 hours ago, Simonthiim said:

⇧⌘+ which is the volume up shortcut seems to trigger the "help" menu in safari and various other apps. Just fyi


Thanks for letting me know... it should be easy enough for folks to change the keyboard shortcuts in Alfred if they like, no?

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