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how to request a workflow as a non IT/programmer

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Hi, I would like to request  workflow for something I use everyday. I do not know how to build one myself. So how may I request for a workflow?

I would like access a website, fill a single search box and get the results into alfred. The website offers an api and is free to use without any usage limits. 


This is the website https://api.verbix.com/conjugator/html


I think this workflow can be helpful for many others who are learning any language. So if the work flow can take a language argument and a word, then the workflow can set the language and get the results for that word. 


My interest is in Dutch language and to get verb conjugates. 


Please let me know


Thank you


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6 hours ago, Srisri said:

I would like access a website, fill a single search box and get the results into alfred.


Sorry, it doesn't work that way. The page you linked to is a JavaScript script for embedding in webpages. It will only run in a webpage in a browser, and it adds a bunch of HTML to the webpage it's running in.


You can’t do something on a webpage and have the results appear in Alfred (well, you can, but it’s very complicated to do).


You might be able to reverse engineer the JavaScript to enter a query in Alfred, retrieve the results from their server and show them in Alfred.

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Thank you @deanishe


Meanwhile I was wondering the following, something simpler for me to start:


Can I make alfred to open a url that contains the input query word from the user. For example if in alfred, user types abcd, that abcd goes into the url and alfred opens that url? Because i noticed that the url takes a "queried" word and returns a page with its usage in dutch grammar. So in this case, the url would be www.website.com/something/something?=abcd. So i just want to send abcd from alfred query to url and make alfred open the url in my default browser. 


thank you

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I tried something like this, but then I do not know how to go further, I am just doing trial and error




$w = new Workflows();

// Grab input and build query url string
$in = "{query}";

$url = "https://www.verbix.com/webverbix/go.php?T1=".urlencode( $in )."&Submit=Go&D1=24&H1=124";

// Grab the data from website
$str = $w->request( $url );


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