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Red Not-Valid Snippets

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5 hours ago, P. Colin Manikoth said:

Do the 2nd, 3rd, etc. characters have to be unique also for a Snippet to expand?


One snippet keyword can’t be a prefix of another if you have auto expansion turned on. How could that work? You could never type :uxd because Alfred would auto-expand as soon as you typed :ux.

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@P. Colin Manikoth As deanishe explains, the second snippet could never be typed as the first one would expand.


If what you want is to type the full snippet keyword and for Alfred to only expand when you type a space afterwards, you can either add the space to your keyword itself (e.g. ":ux " noting the space after the x) or add it as a suffix for the entire collection. In that case, your second snippet would become possible.



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