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Alfred should retain window padding when toggling Window Blur

Chris Messina

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If I have a theme with window padding and then toggle from No Blur to a Visual Effect (blur), the theme loses its padding. Hitting "No Blur" doesn't restore the theme to its previous appearance:




I would expect that changing the window blur setting wouldn't change the padding of the window, but would only change the background blur appearance.

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6 hours ago, Andrew said:

If you use the the window vertical and horizontal padding theme properties, they will stay in both types of window backing.


Got it, I see. It might be that I prefer the visual style that I'm able to achieve with the border instead of padding, or that the controls are hard to distinguish when one or both border and padding are set to zero.


Thanks for clarifying!

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@Chris Messina you should be able to achieve exactly the same layout with border or window padding, only the border can be a different colour like in the Alfred Classic theme. It's the colour which makes it incompatible with the visual effect views.


You are right that the controls can be a touch fiddly when they are set to zero, but if you duplicate an already configured visual effect view for your base theme to modify (such as the Alfred Modern or Alfred Modern Dark), it will have nice big window horizontal and vertical padding areas you can grab and resize.

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