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Manage hidden files

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I've just created a simple workflow that manage hidden files on OS X.


The cool feature is the possibility to see current status of hidden files directly in Alfred (in the subtitle of the extension).






You can download extension on GitHub: https://github.com/BubiDevs/manage-hidden-files


I'm waiting for your opinion! :)


PS: I've tested It only on 10.8

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There is another workflow that did this sort of thing posted way back. I remember that the syntax was changed between osx versions, so I looked up the command for previous versions and posted them (maybe with an updated workflow). I just modified it to run the commands for before 10.8 and 10.8, which wasn't the most elegant way to do it, but it did the job. It would be great to see one that's more elegant (gets the version of osx and runs the appropriate command). If you do a search on these forums, then you can probably find the old one if you want to work from there.

I'd love to see it done better.

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Yeah, thanks!


I think to use something like this:


#check version of osx 
VERSION=$(sw_vers -productVersion)
echo $OSX
if [ "$OSX" = "10.8" ]; then
	echo "Mountain Lion"
	echo "Lion or pre Mac OS X"



Later today I search in the forum the command to use in 10.7 :)

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