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trigger alfred with the AppleRemote (gen1.)

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am using alfred to rate swinsian tracks (double cmd on keyboard gives 5star rating..globally..nice)


anyway, i would like to trigger that by my apple remote zb. by the menue button pressed twice.. any ideas if possible and how??



thx, c



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Your problem isn’t directly Alfred-related. First you need to find out if it’s even possible to have the Apple Remote run arbitrary commands (ask somewhere else more general, like Ask Different). If it is possible, then we can help you make it work in Alfred.

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1 hour ago, mookee said:


The comments are turning it in an unproductive direction. You shouldn’t have mentioned Alfred at all, because that’s absolutely irrelevant to the equation and will only complicate things. To be efficient, Stack Overflow questions should distill the problem to their core. Alfred can run whatever is run in a shell so what you care about is if there’s any tool which will allow you to interact with an Apple Remote from the command-line. If there is, it can be called from Alfred; if there isn’t, it can’t.

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