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Can Alfred not search Gutenberg.org?

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I just downloaded Alfred today and started to try to program in some of my most used searches.


I formulated Alfred's Search URL to exactly match what gutenberg.org puts in the URL of the browser.


I could make Alfred open the Gutenberg.org webpage, but no matter how I formulated the search terms, I can't get Gutenberg to understand what Alfred wants.  Alfred either lands on their front page or on a 404 page not found page.


Is this just not do-able?  I thought Alfred was able to search any website for anything.




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Hello Mary, welcome to the forum.


Have you tried 'Web Search'?

In Alfred's preferences, go to Features>'Web Search'

Create a new Custom search there, assign a Keyword, and enter this string in the 'Search URL' field:




Then, launch Alfred, enter your Keyword plus your search string, then press enter 

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Well, giovanni... I swore all afternoon that I'd already tried that exact URL without success, but just now when I finally sat down here and tried it, that worked.  I don't know what I was doing wrong because I tried every string I could logically come up with... but yours worked.


So thank you!



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