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"Launch Alfred at login" greyed out with spinner next to it

Sam McMillan

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I'm on version 4.3.4 (but saw this with the previous version). In General Preferences, the "Launch Alfred at login option" is checked, but greyed out. There is a never-ending spinner to the left of the word "Startup", and I have to manually start Alfred after a restart.

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@Sam McMillan Could you open your macOS System Preferences > Users & Groups > unlock to make changes then look at your Login Items. Remove Alfred from the list, then relaunch and re-check the launch at login box.


I haven't heard of this issue from anyone else, so let me know how you get on :)



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That fixed it. There were two entries in the Login items list - Alfred Preferences and Alfred 4. I took both out, did a reboot, manually started Alfred and the General Preferences Startup option is all good.



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