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Open new firefox window workflow

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I am trying to make a seemingly simple workflow but the solution is evading me. I already use a workflow that opens a new window of safari in the current desktop, regardless of whether there are already open safari windows or not. It is a pretty simple 'run this script with this keyword' type workflow, and the script I use for safari is:

tell application "Safari"
    make new document
end tell

Replicating this with firefox used instead does not seem to get the results I want, and I have tried multiple variations to no avail: make new window instead of document, tell firefox to activate first, etc. Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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11 minutes ago, giovanni said:

this might be helpful:


Yeah I did read through that, but even if the scriptability of firefox is fairly limited, I feel like the task I mentioned should still be doable. I have gotten variations of it to work (open new window if firefox is already active, etc.). I appreciate the response

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just get rid of the "-bin" at the end before "--browser" to get this working again. my functionality was broken after mac os sonoma. Only problem i got is that it switches to an existing window of firefox, this is somewhat annoying.

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