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Auto-expanding snippet won’t work in Facebook on Chrome


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I’ve run into a very specific bug with auto-expanding snippets. I’m currently running Alfred 4.3.4 [1229]. I have an auto-expanding snippet set to replace ‘Montreal’ with ‘Montréal’ (the city name with the accent). I was having a chat with a friend on Facebook via Chrome (v 91.0.4472.114) on my Mac (11.4) when I was talking about the hockey team in Montreal and the auto-expanding snippet would kick in and replace Montreal with the contents of my clipboard instead.


I then tried other websites like Google and the snippet worked as expected. I then tried Facebook in another browser (Firefox 89.0.2) and the snippets worked as expected.

I have a couple of other auto-expanding snippets like ‘;em’ expanding into my email address and ‘receive’ turning into ‘recieve’ and both seemed to work properly in Facebook on Chrome. Although in my repeated testing I have found that ‘receive’ sometimes also expands into the contents of my clipboard on Facebook on Chrome. The Montreal snippet always seems to fail. I thought maybe it was the accent causing problems, but the inconsistent expansion of recieve has me confused.


I’m not sure if this is a Chrome issue, Facebook, issue, or an Alfred issue but I figured I should report it just in case it was a Alfred issue.

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@kojaxs Welcome to the forum!


My name's Véro, so you can trust that, as the Alfred team, we use snippets with accented characters regularly :) 


If you're seeing the wrong content expand, try slowing down key events in Alfred's Preferences > Features > Snippets > Auto Expansion Options > Tweaking > Simulated Key Events Speed. I'd start with the slowest, then ramp back up until you still see the expected behaviour.

Screenshot 2021-07-06 at 09.25.00.png

Certain websites or non-native Mac apps can be slower than usual at processing changes to the clipboard, so it's likely that slowing down the key events will resolve that.


And finally, here's to the Canadiens doing well this year! 🇨🇦 



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@Vero Thank you for your advice, cranking down the key event speed fixed my problem and now all my auto-expanding snippets expand properly and consistently in Facebook on Chrome! I think this bug report can be closed. Many thanks!

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