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File Filter stopped working randomly

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@jtsternberg Welcome to the forum :)


It's likely that your File Filter is working fine if you haven't changed anything, but that the issue lies with the macOS metadata. This is the underlying index used by Spotlight and many apps on your Mac, and it can sometimes stop, become outdated or corrupted, and needs rebuilding.


Open Alfred's File Troubleshooting tool in the preferences > Help > Run Troubleshooting. Drag in a few files you can't find and take a look at the metadata.


If it's not passing with all green ticks, you may benefit from rebuilding your Macs by carefully following the step 5 here:



If the issue persists, please provide as much details as you can, including your workflow, the path of the files you're searching for, etc so that we can help you further :)



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@Vero I'm encountering the same or similar problem. I've previously had a vanilla file filter action to search for files in my local repository. On my old machine it worked without any issues. 

Now I've restored my time machine backup on a new machine and the workflow no longer works. It doesn't show anything. OS version (12.1) and mac model are the same.

TCC permissions for FDA and Accessibility are set and I've also removed and readded alfred without success. I am able to browse the entire disk with alfred.

I also followed your advise above, but it doesn't show any issues. 

What else could be the reason?


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@Papep0r Could you please provide a link to your actual workflow?


If you've restored from a Time Machine and are on Monterey, have you checked whether your files are found normally? You're likely experiencing the same issue as many users here, where the macOS Monterey Migration Assistant bug is causing your results to not be found (regardless of using the File Filter workflow)


Could you please carefully follow the instructions I've provided in the post linked below, as this will resolve indexing issues in Monterey:



If your issue matches the one above, please respond in the linked thread if you need further help. :)




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