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Hi.. I noticed that MacUpdater workflow will not "update all", i.e. using the Update All option. It will only update the top most application. It will update one by one if one application is selected at a time. Can it be related to version 3 of MacUpdater? Anyone has tips on how to fix this? The debug message is (actual apps edited):

[11:19:06.923] MacUpdater[Script Filter] Queuing argument '(null)'

[11:19:07.174] MacUpdater[Script Filter] Script with argv '(null)' finished

[11:19:07.180] MacUpdater[Script Filter] {"items":[{"title":"Update All","arg":"update_all"},{"title":"xxx","subtitle":"1.84.0 → 1.85.0","icon":{"type":"fileicon","path":"/Applications/xxx.app"},"valid":true,"arg":"/Applications/xxx.app"},{"title":"yyy","subtitle":"10.0 → 10.1","icon":{"type":"fileicon","path":"/Applications/yyy.app"},"valid":true,"arg":"/Applications/yyy.app"}]}

[11:19:10.416] MacUpdater[Script Filter] Processing complete

[11:19:10.417] MacUpdater[Script Filter] Passing output 'update_all' to Conditional

[11:19:10.420] MacUpdater[Conditional] Processing complete

[11:19:10.421] MacUpdater[Conditional] Passing output 'update_all' to Post Notification

[11:19:10.421] MacUpdater[Conditional] Passing output 'update_all' to Run Script

[11:19:34.409] ERROR: MacUpdater[Run Script] ./macupdater: execution error: Error: Error: exception raised by object: *** -[NSConcreteTask terminationStatus]: task still running (-2700)


Without the Update All feature it's easier or quicker to use MacUpdater UI. Thanks for the help with this

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