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Shortcuts Runner

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Just created a small workflow for macOS Monterey users to quickly run Shortcuts from the new app. It's built using Ruby, as it's installed in macOS by default - there shouldn't be any issues. It also requires `shortcuts` executable to be available in system.




GitHub Repo - https://github.com/eiskrenkov/alfred-run-shortcut


You can download the latest "alfred-run-shortcut.alfredworkflow" file from Releases Page

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1 hour ago, petebocken said:

How could you edit this workflow to not require typing ‘sc’ at the front?

Just edit the shortcut and type any other keyword? 🤷‍♂️

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@Acidham no, I mean to not have to type a keyword at all. Just be able to type the shortcut name in Alfred and search my Shortcuts and run.


So like this:

1. Open Alfred

2. Type “Shorten URL”


Instead of:

1. Open Alfred

2. Type: “sc Shorten URL”


I know you can do this by using a hot key, but I want to do it normally through bringing up Alfred with the set command (command+space).


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@petebocken I think this is more like a general question on how to use Alfred. This thread is about the Shortcuts Runner Workflow. 


You can also leverage Search above. I, personally, don't use Alfred that way, but I found the following discussion: 


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