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No longer switches desktops or brings apps to front


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Let's say I have word, vscode, and chrome open and each on a different desktop.  I use to be able to press open alfred, type in the name of the app and press enter. Then my desktop would switch to that app. Or if the app was minimized it would open. Or if i'm on the same desktop but the app is behind another window it would bring it forward. 

for the past month or so this feature has stopped. I can type the name of the app and it won't bring them forward, it won't switching desktop. Nothing. If the app is not open it'll open it but that's it. Sometimes I even have to do that once or twice but that is rare and we can say it might be a lag. 

It happens all the time. 
Alfred V: Alfred 4.6.1 [1270]
MacOS V: Version 12.1 Beta (21C5021h) (intel based)

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This still works for me.


2 hours ago, Efficient said:

for the past month or so


Think back to whatever you have changed or installed around that time. The way Alfred does this is to simply tell macOS to activate the app in question. How that manifests is dependent on macOS and the app itself. Something on your machine is conflicting with that call.

Try this: open a terminal and run: open -a "APP_NAME_HERE" (example: open -a "Safari"). You should see the same behaviour as with doing it with Alfred.

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