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Low Power Mode — Toggle Low Power Mode for Battery or Power Adapter

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Thx for your work, this workflow is a must have for MacBook users :)

  • In release 2022.2 I see actions in live mode --> Alfred open preferences go to the battery Tab check/uncheck checkbox and close preferences window
  • In release 2022.1 all this actions are "hidden" so I don't see them.

Continue using 2022.1


MacOS 12.4, MBP 2021 M1 pro



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I see - I've Touch ID enabled for sudo commands, so it's as inconvenient as the current solution (which also requires authentication). Btw if the following helps:


**Version:** v2023.3 on macOS 13.5.2 (22G91) with Alfred 5.1.2


**Steps that will reproduce the problem:**


1. Invoke Alfred

2. Type "lpm"

3. Press enter



**What is the expected result:**


Battery's Low Power Mode enabled



**What happens instead:**


Battery's Low Power Mode still the same



**Possible workaround:**


Use CLI (see above)



*Any additional information:**



The systems settings app starts, the value is changed (via drop down), authentication via Touch ID is required and the settings app closes. However, the mode did not change

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1 hour ago, Alexander Willner said:

As explained in the linked issue, that’s not a solution most users will be comfortable with. The post you linked even says as much:


I don’t recommend messing around with this trick if you don’t feel comfortable working in the Terminal app and changing system preference files.


1 hour ago, Alexander Willner said:

authentication via Touch ID is required

You’re the second person to report that. Maybe your main account isn’t an admin account? Either way, that’s comparatively an edge case and the most common usage needs to be supported.


It’s unfortunate Apple doesn’t provide a better way to do this, but the only thing we can do about that is open a Feedback. No idea why changing low power mode isn’t an option on Shortcuts on macOS.

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