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  1. Hello, generaly this is a nice idea, but I think you steel need to finish workflow. With some tweeks I able to make it work, but need more info I use this old similar workflow https://github.com/cdpath/copy_link with some personal custom mod for my needs, maby this will be some inspiration for you. I will keep eye on your litle project
  2. Hello, nice workflow, thx. Is it possible to replace Tab icons in script Filter dropdown list by favicons of the tabs ?
  3. hello, thx for v1.10 some requests to extend workflow : Add ts converter ex https://github.com/snooze92/alfred-epoch-converter Add cron Helper ex https://github.com/crispgm/alfred-cron Add character counter ex https://github.com/ibnuh/alfred-character-counter-workflow
  4. hello, nice workflow thx, I will test it I have a proposition how to extend QR code functionality, to make it more "native" like here https://github.com/wensonsmith/QRcodeCreator --> add "Browse in Alfred" preview for generated image with QR code
  5. Hello, +1, Something like this https://github.com/mr-pennyworth/alfred-extra-pane but for our new shiny Alfred 5
  6. Hello, Thx for your work, this workflow is a must have for MacBook users In release 2022.2 I see actions in live mode --> Alfred open preferences go to the battery Tab check/uncheck checkbox and close preferences window In release 2022.1 all this actions are "hidden" so I don't see them. Continue using 2022.1 MacOS 12.4, MBP 2021 M1 pro
  7. Hello, I "moded" this workflow with Microsoft Edge support but here we can put just images so I DM you
  8. Hello, nice idea for workflow, I adapted this for my use case : Chrome is a default for work Safari is my default browser for personal staff When I start my work day I lunch a workflow that start several apps & now sets default browser to Chrome. When my workday is done I lunch a workflow that close/forecquit all apps that I opened during the day & sets default browser to Safari For annoying system pop-up I found this AppleScript that automate closing this shit tell application "System Events" tell application process "CoreServicesUIAgent" tell window 1 tell (first button whose name starts with "HERE INSERT FIRST WORD OF THE POP-UP BUTTON") perform action "AXPress" end tell end tell end tell end tell Maby this will help somebody Have a nice day
  9. Hello, 12.2.1 m1, this fix worked for me, thx
  10. hello @ell1134 for open curent tab in private I use this workflow, maby it will be usefull for you too
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